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A. Articles in Refereed Journals

Weintraub, R. (2024). Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking in Israel’s State History Education. Dapim: Journal for Study and Research in Education, 80, 127–145. [Hebrew, link]

Weintraub, R. (2023). Holocaust education in the post-secular era: Religious-Zionist lessons from the Holocaust. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 55(6), 720–733.


Weintraub, R., Tal, N. (2023). Within the national confines: Israeli history education and the multicultural challenge. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 31(3), 587–606.


Weintraub, R., Tal, N., & Naveh, E. (2022). History education in Israel: Between the Silicon Valley and the Third Temple. International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education and History Culture, 43, 13–34.


Weintraub, R. (2020). History education in State-Religious schools during the past decade. Iyunim: Multidisciplinary Studies in Israeli and Modern Jewish Society, 33, 187-219. [Hebrew, link]


Weintraub, R. & Naveh, E. (2020). Faith-based history education: the case of redemptionist Religious Zionism. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 52(1), 45–63.

​Weintraub, R. (2019). The Bible, Hayden White, and the Settlements: Teaching Religious Zionist History in the Postmodern Era. Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society, 11(2), 45–64.

B. Chapters in Scientific Books (Refereed)

Weintraub. R., & Naveh, E. (in-press). Historical thinking and historical consciousness: Between meaning and skills. G. Pat-Shamir, R. Cinamon, & M. Gluzman (eds.), Teaching Humanities in Higher Education. [Hebrew]

Weintraub R. (2023). Postmodernism and history education in state-religious education. In Nimrod Tal and Eyal Naveh (eds.)(2023). History education: sites and intersections (pp. 292–316). Mofet, Tel Aviv. [Hebrew]


Naveh E., & Weintraub R. (2022). Beyond dichotomy: Monuments’ demolition as an offense as well as a catalyst to Dignity, Democracy and Diversity. In T. Ketko, H. Bor & K. Arar (eds.), Enhancing Values of Dignity, Democracy, and Diversity in Higher Education (pp. 3-16). New York: Routledge.

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